woensdag 15 november 2017

Preparing My Blog

And so it begins...

My career as a blogger, that is.
It's strangely exciting and even a bit scary, but also a lot of fun.

For now, however, this page will be used for my homework.
That's right. In my early thirties and homework is coming. 
I started the "writing for the web" part of the Creative Writing course.
For a while, I need an actual blog site for the assignements.
I've decided to use this one until I've properly prepared the Dutch official blog I'll be running.
After that, this blog will get a new purpose too; a purpose that is a lot more fun that homework assignements.

So the posts that will appear here soon, will be things I had to write for school.
No idea what the assignements will be, so I thought I would be wise to give wandering readers a heads up.
This will last for three months tops, after which the new 'purpose' will kick in.
Although I'm hoping to launch both blogs on January 1st, because... well, that would be awesome.

See you around on the web!
Kind regards,
Kim aka BookFish35